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Send a Case

Established CMC laboratory partners receive UPS Overnight shipping, and all cases of three or more receive free next-day return shipping from CMC.

Split file upload instructions.

  • Go To My Lab
  • Custom Milling Center (Lab to Lab)
  • New Case
  • Enter in Patient Details, Shade, Notes, etc
  • Work Requested
    • Select work procedures and teeth #
    • If adding another work procedure select the + sign (next to teeth#)
  • Attach file

Digital Submissions Login:

Star Icon Magic Touch Login. Star Icon DDX Login.

Case Scheduler

Manage your cases more efficiently and accurately with our interactive case scheduling calendar. Merely select the restoration type, submission method – model or STL file – and date of submission.

Model STL
Rx Icon Standard Rx Form Rx Icon Bar Rx Form. Rx Icon Implant Rx Form.

Please include the following items with your case:

  • Completed Rx form
  • Models and/or impressions *
  • Study and/or pre-op models
  • Patient photos
  • Bite registration
  • Shade guide (if necessary)
*To ensure functional occlusion your model must be mounted on a plastic disposable articulator

UPS Shipping Label

Please contact CMC at 877-933-6455 for a shipping label.

Trouble printing labels?

Our shipping label generator opens a new window, so pop-ups must be enabled in your browser. Outdated versions of browsers don’t support the scripting necessary to generate windows with integrated attachments from websites. Try using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or updating Microsoft Internet Explorer to the latest version.
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