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HaasD1 Mill

Haas DT-1

Haas’ DT-1 is a compact, high-speed drill and tap machine with full milling capabilities. Its incredible tool changing speed swaps tools in just 0.8 seconds, while retaining smooth, quiet operation and extreme thermal stability. With a 15” color LCD monitor and 1 GB of program memory, we’re able to reduce turnaround times through streamlining our workflow.

Haas VF

Haas VF-2TR

With muscle that greatly surpasses tabletop mills, the Haas VF-2TR is perfect to fabricate titanium overdenture bars and abutments. Five-axis milling capacity combines with a two-axis trunnion to offer the most consistently accurate fabrications from your designs or ours.

DMG UltraSonic

DMG Ultrasonic 20

Combining state-of-the-art five-axis milling with sonic technology, the DMG Ultrasonic fabricates restorations as precisely as you design them. Highly calibrated machining allows for consistent surface quality and impeccably precise margins, allowing CMC to offer a multitude of cost-efficient restorations to our laboratory partners.

DMG UltraSonic

Roland DWX-50

Roland’s five-axis workhorse was developed specifically for milling dental restorations, making it an ideal solution for milling zirconia and other ceramic restorations. Its open architecture allows it to be fully compatible with most laboratories’ existing technology, enabling CMC to integrate into your workflow without hassle.

Planmeca® PlanMill 40™

Planmeca® PlanMill 40™

Designed to operate in conjunction with the 3M™ True Definition Scanner, the Planmeca® PlanMill 40™ offers the capability for CMC to design and mill restorations inside the 3M environment, crafting perfect marginal ridges and central grooves.

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