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Digital Dentures

Custom Milling Center introduces our new digital denture solutions!

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Zirlux Superior

The Zirlux Superior Digital Denture is a highly esthetic and customizable monolithic milled denture that eliminates the need of bonded or glued-in teeth. This digital denture is available in 3 tissue shades, FDA-cleared for long term use and has a 100MPa. This highly esthetic solution contains a pink tissue application that mimics natural gingiva contours and vitality.

Available tissue shades

Zirlux Select

The Zirlux Select Digital Denture is a printed resin denture available in 4 tissue shades with a 50MPa. Translucent gingiva allows show through and blending of natural mucosa making it an esthetic and cost-effective solution. 

Available tissue shades

Zirlux Try-In

The Zirlux Try-In Digital Denture is used to verify fit and occlusion prior to the final denture being manufactured. The Zirlux Try-In is printing using a temporary white resin material and is indicated for up to one year use

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CMC invests in capital equipment so you don’t have to, using industry-leading 3D printers and FDA-cleared material.

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  • Customizable

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