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Because we believe it’s important for our laboratory partners to be in contact with Custom Milling Center whenever necessary, our personal customer service representatives are available to provide assistance in any area.
Ryan Faufau

Ryan Faufau, Director of Production and Technology 877.933.6455
Tonya Headshot

For all sales, customer service and marketing inquiries: Tonya Hampshire, Director of Sales and Marketing 800.711.0196
Pam Hanneman

Pam Hanneman, Production Manger 877.933.6455

Paul Nelson

Paul Nelson, Technical Supervisor 877.933.6455

Ginny Mangan

For accounting, invoicing and billing: Ginny Mangan 877.933.6455
Beth Lundstrom

Beth Lundstrom, CAD Supervisor 877.933.6455

Mark Fisher

Mark Fisher, Manufacturing Supervisor 877.933.6455

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