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At Custom Milling Center, we utilize innovative CAD/CAM technology to design and mill a long-lasting temporary crown from PMMA. It also is suitable for secondary and tertiary structures.

Restorations are designed as usual and machined from the PMMA discs. The discs are made from a plastic which burns without a trace and can therefore be used in the lost material casting process.

Chemical name: 100% PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate)

Density: 1,17 g/cm3

E-Modulus: 2400 MPa

Vicat point: 102 °C

Ball indentation hardness: 145 MPa

Here's more of what you get with PMMA Temporaries from CMC:

  • CAD/CAM Technology ensures precise marginal fit
  • Our milling allows for superior secondary occlusal anatomy
  • Traditional cementation seating



Zirlux® FC2 System
Pre-shaded zirconia discs

Pearl FC Zr®
For crowns, bridges and implants

Pearl® Zirconia
Coping/crowns to 14 units

Noritake KATANA™ Zirconia ML
For crowns, bridges and implants

Lava™ Ultimate
Crowns, onlays, inlays and veneers

Lava™ Plus
Crowns, bridges and implants

IPS e.max® CAD
Coping/ Framework to 14 units

BruxZir® Solid Zirconia
For crowns, bridges, implants, onlays and inlays

Printed RP Models
Precise anatomical features

Custom Abutments/Implants
For use with all major manufacturers

Precision-Milled Bars
For use with all major manufacturers

Non-Precious/Chromium Cobalt
Copings/ Framework to 14 units

Wax print copings

Coping/ Full contour

Custom Temporaries

PMMA Long Lasting Temporaries