Pearl® Screw-Retained Hybrid Zirconia Bridge

Pearl® SR Hybrid Zirconia Bridge

Milled from solid monolithic zirconia, our Pearl® Screw-Retained Hybrid Zirconia Bridge provides the stability of fixed removables without the need for a bar to support it. Because it’s highly resistant to plaque and bacterial buildup, the bridge is a highly biocompatible fixed-removable prosthetic, that’s suitable for any indication, from a two-unit bridge to a full roundhouse. More esthetic than acrylic dentures, its screw-mounted interfaces make it easily retrievable for maintenance.

Because CMC mills every Pearl Screw-Retained Hybrid Zirconia Bridge using CAD design on a five-axis mill, they’re completely customizable to fit every case. Covered by our 7-year warranty against breakage, it’s an ideal alternative to traditional bar with overdenture.

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Calculate Your Savings

Because the Pearl Screw-Retained Hybrid Bridge is so flexible and customizable, we’ve made pricing simple with our calculator. Prices don’t include screws, which start at $15 each.


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